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General Features

The area includes the north part of Karpathos with the island Saria and includes the traditional villages of Olympos, Avlona, Tristomo and the coastal village of Diafani with its harbor. The two islands are separated by a narrow sea lane, the Saria strait. The area has become part of the NATURA 2000 Network as one of the most important ecological regions of Europe under the code GR4210003. The area is declared protected under the name “Ecodevelopment Region of North Karpathos – Saria” and a Management Agency is established.

The north region of Karpathos-Saria is exceptionally mountainous, the highest peak of North Karpathos is “Prophet Elias”, 719 m, and of Saria is “Pachi Vouno”, 631 m, there are streams, rocky, steep coasts and screes. The intense relief of the region, with the large gradients, in combination with the strong winds and the low water availability play an important role to the form of vegetation in the area. Although the dominant vegetation is the brushwood, on the east of North Karpathos, as well as on the east and south of Saria, wooded areas of pine-trees (Pinus brutia) are also found.