Protected Area

Significance of the Protected Area

- It is the habitat of one of the largest populations of the number one endangered marine mammal of Europe, the Mediterranean seal, Monachus monachus.

- Northern Karpathos and Saria island have been declared Important Bird Areas of Europe according to the Directive 79/409/EEC.

- The biodiversity of the region is significant and includes numerous rare endemic species of plants and animals which are protected by international conventions and the Greek legislation.

- The Gulf of Tristomo, at the north end of Karpathos, is considered the most significant breeding sea area of South Aegean Sea. On the hard substrate of the seabed a large population of the bivalve Arca noae (common name Noah’s Arc) is found, whereas the inner muddy substrate shelters the largest population of the bivalve Pinna nobilis (common name Pina).

- The geomorphology with the screes, the cliffs and the rocky coasts is typical of the Aegean region and of particular aesthetic value.

- Moreover, it is an area of great archeological and cultural importance.